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Payless Power puts YOU in the driver’s seat instead of the electric company. Whether you need the flexibility of pre paid electric service in Abilene, Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, or other areas of Texas, you can get it at Payless Power regardless of your income level or credit history. It’s really that simple with Payless Power.

Reliable and Inexpensive Electricity Service with Payless Power!

Prepaid Electricity with Payless Power

Are you paying too much for electricity?

Are you unable to setup an account with a large utility company?

Do you need to monitor your electric usage on a daily or weekly basis?

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Is your electricity rate in Texas too high? Does your Texas electric provider turn a deaf ear when you need a little more time to pay your bill? Are you having trouble setting up new electric service in Texas due to poor credit? If you answered yes to any of these, you need Texas pre paid electricity with Payless Power!

As a deregulated state, Texas residents may not only choose their electric provider in Texas, but also the type of electric service. As a result, many people are choosing pay-as-you-go electricity in Texas for their home and business because it puts YOU in control your bill. By monitoring electricity usage in real-time, smart meters let consumers know just how much energy has been consumed at any time during the course of a month; therefore, by using these advanced meters, the consumer will be notified of how much energy they are consuming daily as a way to monitor usage and reduce their electricity costs.

Known as SmarTricity with Flex Pay prepaid service, our no deposit electric service in Texas works similar to a reloadable calling card or prepaid cell phone. Customers put money into an account and as electricity is used, funds are deducted. By using a smart meter in a home or business, which is installed by the Transmission and Distribution Utility (TDU), energy usage is recorded in 15 minute intervals. As a Payless Power customer, you will then receive daily text and/or email notifications telling you information such as:

To ensure continuous electric service, additional money can be put into your account by telephone or at a payment center -- monthly, weekly or daily if needed. To make things even easier, we offer flexible payment arrangements and payment extensions for emergency situations. This eliminates late fees and days without service.

Our prepaid electricity plans in Texas are designed to meet the needs of your lifestyle and budget:

How much money is in your account
How many days of service remains before recharge is needed
Your daily consumption rate
Daily balance notifications via text and/or email
No deposit*
Standard connection typically within 2-3 business days
Same day/next day priority connection available for a nominal fee
Low monthly rates and rates per kilowatt hour
No credit check or ID needed
No long-term contract or early cancellation penalty
Flexible payment options
NO ESTIMATES when billed. You will be billed 2 days in arrears for the actual energy your home consumed.

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